Florida Baptist Convention, Disaster Relief

Emergency Response Team

Safe and Secure to Reassure

The Emergency Response Team provides safety/security and medical support to responding volunteers and local communities, while ministering to physical, emotional and spiritual needs during times of disaster.

The Emergency Response Team sets up and maintains security at Training and Call-out sites.  The ERT also responds to medical emergencies on site and provide assistance and summon additional services if needed.  The Team also registers and maintains a list of the volunteers on the site, this enables the team to locate and contact the volunteers, for whatever need arises.  We also maintain communications within the team and with other ministry areas at sites, through walkie talkies, cell phones, etc.  We will soon be reactivating the amateur radio system to add further communications abilities.  Our team is continually receiving additional training to enable us to better serve the Florida Baptist Disaster Relief Volunteers and anyone else who may be in need of our services.  Our team has members from law enforcement, fire rescue, emergency medical services, civil engineering, education, and numerous other backgrounds, interests and walks of life.  We are proud to serve our Lord and the community in this wonderful ministry