Disaster Relief Chaplaincy Application

*Affirm your membership in a cooperating Southern Baptist Convention church and your agreement with the BFM 2000.

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    First Name


    Last Name



    Date of birth

    Address, City, State, Zip Code


    Cell Phone Number

    Ordination Status (Not Required to be a Chaplain)

    I am

    Home Church Name (Must be a Florida Baptist Convention Church)

    Senior Pastor's Name

    City, ZIP

    Name of local church Association:

    Are you serving in a Chaplaincy role? (Professionally or Volunteer)


    If yes, where?

    Have you taken any of the following courses?

    FL DR Chaplaincy Course (Half Day in Person)CISMOSFANone

    If yes, please attach copies of your certificates of completion

    List special training or skills you possess:

    Please describe your personal testimony about Jesus Christ and how He changed your life:

    Please describe how are you currently sharing your faith and discipling others:

    Briefly state your reason for wanting to be a Disaster Relief chaplain. Keep in mind the Chaplaincy is a calling and not something you age into:



    I affirm that I am a member in good standing of a Southern Baptist Convention church in the state of Florida. I also affirm that I will be able to secure a written recommendation from my senior pastor for service as a DR Chaplain as needed by the application process. I also affirm that I agree with the Baptist Faith and Message 2000 and will uphold the Baptist tradition of faith and practice.

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