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Courses consists of three components: Lessons, Topics, and Quizzes.
“Lessons” are the main content, “Topics” are smaller sections within the lesson that expand upon an idea (not every lesson has topics), and “Quizzes” consist of free response questions where you demonstrate your understanding of the course concepts.
As you navigate through this course, only the quizzes will be submitted and reviewed. You may mark lessons and topics complete for your reference, but the section is not finished until the quiz is submitted.
As quizzes are manually graded, please allow 7 to 10 days to receive feedback on your responses.


CHP 003 – Developing a Godly Attitude

The "Developing a Godly Attitude" course is designed to help the student understand how a person's attitude will "make him or break him" in life. Jesus' greatest desire is for us to enjoy the best life (abundant) possible! Enjoying life requires the student to exam his attitudes and how his attitude affects daily living. After inward examination, does he need to leave his attitudes the same or develop them to glorify God.

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Florida Baptist Convention, Chaplaincy

CHP 002 – The Art of Listening

The "Art of Listening" course provides basic concepts and techniques which will increase your listening skills and improve your counseling ministry. Your attention to detail and concentration on course materials will parallel the development of your personal "art of listening". To competently listen to another person requires special skills and a personal desire to learn the art. Throughout the course you will participate in active skill training where you practice the skills you learn. Listening is a difficult art. Be patient, pace yourself, do not rush through the course. Learn each skill, practice the skill and begin to incorporate the skill into your daily life and ministry. We pray that the following lessons and exercises will not only improve your skills, but increase your love for the Lord and serving others.

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Basic Chaplaincy

CHP 001 – The Basics of Chaplaincy Ministry

Welcome to the "Basics of Chaplaincy Ministry" Course, the first chaplaincy training internet course for volunteer chaplains offered by the Florida Baptist Convention! The course is designed to train new chaplains, individuals interested in chaplaincy ministry and as a possible refresher course for experienced chaplains. The course helps the chaplain understand the basics of what it means to be a chaplain and serve as a chaplain, equipping him/her with basic tools for ministry.

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Community Ministries

CHP 004 – Pastoral Ministries

The very foundation of our pastoral care ministry as Christian chaplains is the life and work of Jesus as revealed to us in the Gospels. The example Jesus set forth is to be our guide and inspiration for all that we do in the care and cure of souls.

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Disaster Relief, Florida Baptist Disaster Relief

CHP 005 – Disaster Relief Chaplaincy

Disaster Relief Chaplaincy Training Course equips individuals who desire to serve as a chaplain following a disaster. The course addresses what a person needs to do before he/she enters a disaster environment, the types of disasters, how to minister in a disaster environment and what to do after they leave. The course includes training in assessment of the scene, safety concerns, ministering to different types of victims, basic crisis counseling, relationship with the Disaster Response Team and other Emergency Response personnel, what to take, what to expect and what to say.

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Journal, Reflection

CHP 006 – Who Am I? A Personal Self-Evaluation Study Guide

The Chaplaincy Advisory Team designed the "Who Am I" course for the individual who earnestly desires to know himself/herself better. The better we know and understand ourselves, both strengths and weaknesses, the better we know and understand others. Better understanding of others increase our ability to effectively meet individual needs.

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State Board of Missions

SBM 001 – State Board of Missions Orientation

State Board of Missions Orientation

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