About Lake Yale Baptist Conference Center

Lake Yale Baptist Conference Center is a full service retreat and conference center operated by the Florida Baptist Convention. It is located in the heart of Central Florida. We strive to offer a refreshing alternative to the ordinary conference, retreat, and camp center. We offer comfortable hotel accommodations, “bunk” style dorms in the camps, RV sites nestled between majestic oaks, and even tent sites for those looking to sleep under the stars.

We have an abundance of meeting spaces, that can host anywhere from 50 to 1,000 guests at a time. Taking into account the many options for accommodations that Lake Yale has to offer, we know we are the perfect place to meet any need.

Mission Statement

As a dedicated, Christ-like team committed to ministry and servant leadership, we strive to create a temporary and safe community enhanced by a natural outdoor setting in which leaders and guests may maximize their potential, enable reflection, promote relaxation, and provide recreation.