Churches do more together through associations

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The establishing of the association in Baptist life enabled churches to unify in ministry efforts. The need for fellowship and combined local ministries prompted churches in proximity to each other to join together for the cause of Christ in their community.

“Together” has always been a benchmark of Southern Baptist life. We do more together, we do better together, and we honor Christ together in fulfilling the Great Commission. We have 49 associations in Florida that are geographically positioned to provide unified ministry for our churches.

I am grateful for the men who serve our churches through providing leadership for the local association as directors of missions. These men encourage and enable Florida Baptist churches in collaborative ministry and mission opportunities in their area. The equipping through training and serving is a distinctive opportunity for the local association.

Your Florida Baptist Directors of Missions recently held a retreat in Ocala. It was a joy to share with these men concerning our vision for Florida.

The privilege of serving ‘Right Beside You’ aptly describes our ministries together for the local church. The association, state convention and national convention exist to serve the local church.

I encourage you to engage in your local association as a pastor. It will be a blessing to you and you will be a blessing to other pastors!

Dr. Tommy Green, Florida Baptist Convention, May 20, 2016

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