Church replant breathes new life into historic community/unites local churches

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PENSACOLA­–A new God story is unfolding in West Pensacola’s rich historic religious landscape.

 The Point Church Jackson Campus, a replant of West Pensacola Baptist Church, is breathing new life into the historic 12-acre campus, which had been “a foothold for the gospel” in the community for more than half a century.

The Wright family at The Point Jackson Campus.

“We were approached by Brian Nall, executive director for Pensacola Bay Baptist Association, to pray about taking oversight in a replant of West Pensacola Baptist,” said Tim Coleman, pastor of The Point Church.

“We prayed about it and felt the Lord leading us to engage in the process, with this becoming The Point Jackson Campus.”

“A new thing’

The replant positions The Point Jackson Campus to reach the community alongside a movement within the City of Pensacola to reimagine Jackson Street, a historic area of West Pensacola that is seeing growth as more people move into the area.

“West Pensacola Baptist Church has been a foothold for the gospel in this neighborhood for more than 50 years,” said Janey Frost, Jackson Campus office administrator/music leader.

“The Point has been a supportive sister church for years and has guided this replant process with prayer, integrity, generosity and a kingdom mindset. I’m in my 28th year serving on staff and am overwhelmed and humbled to witness a decade of prayers being answered. Isaiah 43:19, which states, ‘Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?’ says it best.”

‘Love and support’

Dr. Brian Wright preaching in view of a call at The Point Jackson Campus.

Brian Wright, the new Jackson Campus pastor, previously served for 10 years as a chaplain with the Federal Bureau of Prisons, ministering as a full-time chaplain at the federal prison on Saufley Field in West Pensacola. Most recently Wright served as a pastor assisting with a church plant in Denton, Texas.

“I’ve known Brian Wright for about seven years. With his experience and passion, we felt he was the right guy to become pastor for our Jackson Campus,” said Coleman.

Wright, who was born in New York but grew up in Florida, said, “We’re so grateful the Lord has called us to be part of this replant in the same town where three of our five children were born and where we’ve already had the privilege of serving the communities in and around Pensacola.”

Wright officially begin preaching as the new Jackson Campus pastor on March 5, and a Great Commission service is planned for March 12 at the campus.

‘It’s truly been amazing to see the body of Christ coming together to make sure that the gospel is reaching more people in Pensacola and beyond through this new work the Lord is doing.’

Brian Wright Pastor, The Point Church Jackson Campus, Pensacola

“We’ve already seen a tremendous amount of love and support from sister churches in Pensacola,” said Wright. “We’ve been offered help via prayers, networking and resources, such as groups coming to help with renovations and landscape, even furniture and office supplies. It’s truly been amazing to see the body of Christ coming together to make sure that the gospel is reaching more people in Pensacola and beyond through this new work the Lord is doing.”

Wright is joined and supported by his wife, Daniella, as she plans to be involved in community outreach and women’s and children’s ministries.

Already plans are in motion to reach the community. The Point Jackson Campus will host neighborhood cookouts the first Sunday of April, May and June; a community Easter egg hunt on April 8 and a weeklong Vacation Bible School during the first week in June.

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