Check in and connect with the parents in Kid’s Ministry

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I think we can all agree that so much in our lives has changed. Some of the change is good, like day pajamas are accepted as attire. However, not being able to see our families and Kid’s Ministry volunteers on a regular basis has been a bad change. Our Kid’s Ministry parents have gone from people we see occasionally in our hallway to “at home kid’s ministry volunteers”. How do we check-in and connect with the parents in our Kid’s Ministry?

Mail, such as post cards and thank you notes are a great way to show appreciation and to let parents know you are thinking about them. One of the easiest ways to send cards is through ecards. (We have used and Don’t underestimate the simplicity of a card. One of my sweet Sunday school teachers sent me a card letting me know she was praying for me. That card gave me so much comfort to make it another day! Thankfully, the Post Office still runs through rain, sleet, snow and pandemics!

Group Facetime calls and Zoom are another way to connect with parents during this time. Be creative with the way you group your parents. This can be a great way for families to connect with others they may not know. Think carefully about the times that you schedule virtual calls. Schedule them in the evening and keep them brief. Think about sending out questions or topics ahead of time so moms and dads are prepared.

Group Text is an easy, simple and effective way to connect with parents. I found that I already had lots of my parents in my contacts and setting up a group text was easy. Try not to send super long or detailed message, just a short and simple message of encouragement or a funny quarantine meme.

Connecting with parents in my Kid’s Ministry has been one of my favorite parts of quarantine. It has allowed me to connect with then more than I had ever before. Through talks and texts, I have found potential Kid’s Ministry volunteers and parents who are eager to help who just didn’t know what was needed. The parents in my ministry are walking through work and on-line school, just as I am, and we have found a comforting comradery.

By Kelley Pekarek, Director of Children’s Ministries – North Jacksonville Baptist Church, May 20, 2020

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