Celebrating Acts 2:41 Baptism Day

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A word from Dr. Green…..How exciting to exalt the Lord Jesus Christ through the incredible time of celebrating baptisms across Florida on Acts 2:41 Baptism Day.

Evangelism and discipleship are at the heart of the Great Commission including the instruction to baptize believers. Churches in Florida are faithfully proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ and individuals are responding to the salvation of Jesus Christ. The unified emphasis of Acts 2:41 Baptism Day encouraged our churches to surround our state with the witness of the Gospel through baptism.

We received reports from 113 churches of 1,333 individuals who were baptized throughout Florida. Churches went to beaches, rivers, creeks, ponds, swimming pools and fountains for the baptisms.

I had the privilege of witnessing the outdoor baptisms at Bell Shoals Baptist Church in Brandon. Pastor Stephen Rummage baptized in the fountain in the courtyard of the church. It was exciting to watch the joy expressed by those being baptized and the celebration of the church gathered to watch.

The Point Church in Pensacola with Pastor Tim Coleman had a Blue Angel flyover as they completed their baptisms. Pastors in Florida baptized their own children and grandchildren on this day.

Hispanic churches in Miami gathered together for this celebration when over 300 individuals from a dozen churches rejoiced in 100 persons being baptized.

We received many reports of individuals at the beach who observed the baptisms, inquired about salvation and accepted Jesus Christ as Savior. What an amazing time declaring the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ through the symbol of baptism by immersion! How Florida Baptists rejoice in every private decision of salvation made public through baptism!

I encourage you to visit the Florida Baptist Convention’s Facebook page. We have posted pictures, video and reports of all that God did through this witness. You will be encouraged and blessed in this snapshot of the Act 2:41 Baptism emphasis. I encourage you to mark May 6, 2018 on your church calendar – our next unified Acts 2:41 Beach Baptism emphasis.

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