Black Multicultural, Hispanic and Haitian Fellowships celebrate before FBSC gathering

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Diversity was on bright display throughout the Bell Shoals Baptist Church campus as the Black Multicultural, Hispanic and Haitian church Fellowships met for their annual celebration preceding the Florida Baptist State Convention.

Dr. Tommy Green, executive director treasurer, visited each of the Fellowship meetings and thanked the pastors for their service while encouraging them to partner with each other to keep on reaching Florida for Christ.

He also reminded the pastors that the Florida Baptist Convention is right beside them in ministry and proceeded to share his phone number, out loud and on the microphone, at the Multicultural Fellowship Luncheon.

The meetings took place simultaneously throughout the Bell Shoals Brandon Campus and each included musical worship, a biblical message and dinner.

The FBSC’s theme, Eyes on Eternity, resounded in each of the preachers’ sermons while each also made an emphasis on not quitting or settling when ministry gets difficult.

The Haitian and Hispanic Fellowships announced new officers for 2018 and the Hispanic Fellowship shared regional reports from central, north, west and south Florida.

Emanuel Roque, Hispanic church catalyst, thanked all the pastors gathered for their service and encouraged them to continue working together to bring the Gospel to their communities.

At the Haitian Fellowship gathering, Dr. Green was honored with a plaque for his service and leadership of Florida Baptists.

John Voltaire, Haitian church catalyst, encouraged the pastors to participate in FBC life by filling out their annual church reports and joining his mailing list to stay abreast of FBC news.

These diversity meetings have become a custom of the Florida Baptist State Convention and many of the attendants expressed the joy they felt from worshipping and sharing meals with other Baptists of the same affinity from other parts of Florida.

Patrick Coats, Black Multicultural church catalyst, said that while he has been blown away by the response of pastors to the annual fellowship gathering, it must also be understood that the end game is to build relationships that eradicate inequality and take the Gospel further.

By Keila Diaz, Florida Baptist Convention, November 13, 2017

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