BCF announces innovative graduation plan

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GRACEVILLE–The uncertainties prompted by the COVID-19 pandemic have forced The Baptist College of Florida (BCF) and many other colleges and universities to cancel their traditional graduation services.

But BCF does not plan to let this momentous occasion go unnoticed.

“While we will not meet for graduation in our usual setting, we will have a graduation ceremony to honor these folks who have worked so long and hard,” said BCF President Thomas A. Kinchen. “We will celebrate their accomplishments.”

The college will hold its Spring 2020 Graduation May 15, but will conduct it in a very nontraditional manner.

“I know that we cannot give our graduates all of the excitement that they had anticipated,” said Kinchen. “However, we are going to give them a top-quality graduation ceremony that they can enjoy along with family and friends.”

The BCF administration has planned a ceremony with all the pomp and circumstance usually associated with such events, Kinchen noted. “We will have all of the elements of our normal proceedings except for the fact that the graduates and their friends and families will not be in attendance.”

The ceremony will be set in the R.G. Lee Chapel located on the Graceville campus, led by the president, academic dean, chair of the Division of Music and Worship, and the registrar.

Following the processional, Kitchen will lead in prayer and welcome those who are participating through various means of telecommunications. From that point, all elements of a normal graduation will be observed.

While during regular graduation ceremonies, the name of the graduate is read as the President presents their diploma as they walk across the platform, during this ceremony, the name of each graduate will be read and their portrait along with their degree and hometown will be displayed on the screen.

After all the diplomas have been presented, the President will confer the degrees. The ceremony will conclude with the singing of the college hymn, a benediction and the playing of the recessional.

“We hope our graduates will gather with loved ones in safe settings around the country to celebrate their achievements,” said Kitchen. “Understandably, we have given up much because of COVID-19; but I am committed to making May 15, 2020, a day which graduates of The Baptist College of Florida and their friends and families will remember long into the future.”

For more information on BCF’s innovative graduation, please call (800)328.2660 or visit the website at www.baptistcollege.edu

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