Alderman to be nominated as State Convention officer for second term

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Mike Kahn, associational mission strategist for the Tampa Bay Baptist Association, will be nominating Ralph Alderman for a second term as second vice president for the Florida Baptist State Convention officers.

The nomination will take place during the Florida Baptist State Convention annual meeting November 12-13 at Wayside Baptist Church in Miami.

Alderman, a member of Exciting Central Tampa Baptist Church, is a businessman in the community while also serving as chairman of the deacons at his church. Jeffery Singletary, Florida Baptist Convention Catalyst for central Florida, said Alderman has served the Convention well during his time as a State Convention officer.

“Ralph brings to the table the ability to see things well and discern matters,” Singletary said. “Ralph understands the time and knows what the Florida Baptist Convention ought to do – he is poised and ready to serve for another term.”

To find out more about the Florida Baptist State Convention annual meeting and how you can vote and be a part of our family gathering, click here.

By Nicole Kalil, Florida Baptist Convention, October 11, 2018

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