Current Situation: DAY #13

The FL Feeding Unit transitioned to a Volunteer Feeding Unit and  remains operational at FBC Palm Coast.  The FL Feeding Unit prepared  625 meals. The Total Meal count for all Kitchens is 53,582.

The AL DR Clean Up Recovery Teams remain at Turning Point in St. Augustine and are working on 41 job requests.  FL now has on file 367 job requests that  have come through our call in number or from walk in requests.  We have completed or cleared 197.   FL C/R Team is  working in the Melbourne area and they have completed 55 Job requests.

The FL DR Task Force is continuing to plan for Clean Up and recovery responses  being supported by, ERT, Chaplains, Admin and logistic volunteers.   We know of persons receiving Christ since operations begun!


What’s being done now:                                              

The FLDR Feeding Unit 1  transitioned  to a Volunteer Feeding Operation.

5 FL Clean Up Recovery Teams are serving from Palm Coast

2 TX Chain Saw Team is working from Palm Coast

1 AL Clean Up Team is working from Turning Point Church in St. Augustine

Clean Up and Recovery / Chain Saw work will continue along with all support operation

All FL Volunteers are being asked to respond. 

What can we expect:

We will continue  Clean Up and Recovery Teams and Chain Saw Teams working.

1 Additional team from Texas is  scheduled to arrive Wednesday along with 1 FL Team

FL Feeding Unit will support Volunteers through Sunday (am)

We will continue to house some of our Volunteers at Palm Coast Community Church in addition to FBC Palm Coast through Saturday.

Staging at FBC Palm will transfer to Palm Coast Community Church Sunday with logistical support.  Several Teams will continue to work from PCC through Wednesday.

For planning purposes we have adjusted our planning to (October 22) for this response with limited logistical support through October 26

We are monitoring the North Carolina and South Carolina response and have not been asked to respond